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Studio Aquarelle online course (for salon use only)

£15.00 £45.00

Thank you for your interest. Please find information below:

Price for personal and salon use only: £45 (GBP)

For educators/tutors: £180 (GBP)with the permission to teach the program. Please contact in private message to choose this option

No free live videos (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube) allowed to show the technique.

The course will be available in a Facebook secret group. Please add me as friend (Alexa Kisgyori) so I can invite you after you completed the payment. You will get 3month unlimited access to the course. After you send a picture of your completed work in the group you’ll get your digital certificate.

Kit list:

White tips


Velvet top coat

Aqua brush or Multi art brush

Queen brush or Superliner 0 short

Aquarelle palette

Matt top coat

Uv/led lamp

You can buy product at

For international orders we send payment request via PayPal for shipping cost separately

Thank you very much for your interest.

Best regards, Alexa x



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