Alexa Nails & Art Academy

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Terms & Cons
After applying on any of my courses you automatically agree not to share any videos, step by steps on social media of designs. Breaking this agreement will follow legal consequences. Thank you for your cooperation.

One Stroke Beginner & Advanced

Both beginner and advanced levels are available

Flat 3 D/ also known as silk nail art

Velour  effect One stroke

Realistic gel painting and jewellery painting

Pandora Aquarelle


Velvet art

Night Shine Online course

Please go to webshop to sign up

Online Disney character painting course

Please go to webshop to sign up

Macro Painting with art gels online course

Please go to webshop to sign up


Most popular salon shapes with reverse french sculpting technique

Ideal for nail techs with some experience. Not for beginners!


Special workshop of creating life like flowers on jewelleries, on boxed arts, personalised gifts, photoshoot nails, competitions