The Little Pink & Alexa Pro Nail Art Systems 

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Terms & Cons
After applying on any of my courses you automatically agree not to share any videos, step by steps on social media of the technique and designs. Breaking this agreement will follow legal consequences. Thank you for your cooperation.

More trainings coming soon! 

Accredited programs available:
- Gel polish manicure
- e-file techniques
- Russian combined manicure
- Acrylic enhancements
- Hard gel enhancements
- Polymer Gel (Acrylgel) enhancements

Art programs

Macro art (wet in wet)

One Stroke advanced

Gel one stroke level 2

Gel one stroke level 1

Plastiline 3d

Pandora Aquarelle level 2

Flat 3d-Silk 

Velvet gel art 

Zhostovo with art gel


Rainbow one stroke

Velvet gel art

Aquarelle level 1